Waddington All Saints Y1/2

Samuel Pepys

Samuel Pepys

Meet Samuel Pepys. We have learnt about his life and why he was important. Did you know that he wrote a diary? This is one of the ways that we know so much about the fire – although it was written in a secret code! We found out that he buried his cheese in his back garden to keep it safe from the fire. It was very expensive and was from Italy. What would you save?


Great fire of London and Materials!


This term we have been learning about the great fire of London. One of the things that we found out was that people escaped the fire by sailing away on boats across the Thames. We linked this to our science learning about materials. We tested different materials to discover which would be the most suitable to make a boat. We then designed and made our own boats. We could only use materials that the people would have had available in 1666.

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Half term homework

Hello year 2, don’t forget to keep reading and practising your times tables over the holidays.

from Miss Guy and Mrs Brown

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