Waddington All Saints Y1/2

Happy half term!

Today we are celebrating our harvest festival, any donations of tinned foods or packets would be greatly appreciated.

We finish for half term at 3:20 today, please can you make sure your child has all their belongings, PE kits, water bottles and bags. WeĀ can then have a good tidy of the cloakroom and classes. Have a lovely half term!


KS1 Team šŸ™‚

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Book Fair Competition

imageIf you have not taken a letter about the book fair competition, here is the information. You can always do your entry and fill the slip in at school on Monday.


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Ahhhhh me harty’s!



We’ve been PiratesĀ today! We’veĀ been dropped onto a island and had to make a shelter, sent messages in bottles, drawn maps, made boats out of sticks to see if they float, searched for gold treasure AND made our own ship to escape Pirate Black Beard before he made us walk theĀ plank! What a wonderful activation as we start ourĀ  learning this week!



image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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Yo Ho! Ho Ho!

In Geography the children are learning about maps. The children were very excited and motivated about learning aboutĀ maps through acting as pirates. The children had lots of different activities to try; build a pirate ship, build a pirate den on a treasure island, go on a treasure hunt, making a boat from sticks and finding the treasure in the sand pit. 055 056 057 058 059 060 061 062 063 064 065 066 067

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Smoothie making!

The children have loved tasting and making fruit smoothies in Design and Technology. 002 030 052 050 026 036 039

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Sound crowns!

Today in phonics we have be revising all our phase 3 sounds. Do you like our beautiful crowns?

The children will be bringing them home today.

Please help them practise these sounds.

Thank you.


image image image

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Fruit tasting

Fruit tasting ready for planning our fruit smoothies.

Fruit tasting ready for planning our fruit smoothies.

image image image image image

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Where does our fruit come from?

We have learnt today how some of our different fruits get to our homes.

We presented what we found out in lots of different ways.Ā image image image image image

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Trip to the church

In R.E the children have been learning about baptism. The children enjoyed going the church and acting out a baptism and asked lots of questions.

016 019 020

A big thank you to the parent helpers for taking time out of your day to come with us.

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