Waddington All Saints Y1/2

Year 1 Homework 06.10.17

on October 5, 2017

Spelling –
The do to munch slept

The children will be assessed on Friday to see if they can spell the words from memory.
Challenge – ask your child to put these words into sentences.

Maths –
Next week the children will be subtracting. Use the words ‘less’, ‘subtract’, ‘takeaway’, ‘fewer’ to describe practical tasks. For example, I have this group of cars and you have that group, who has less/fewer? I have 6 crisps and I eat 2, how many do I have left? So, 6 – 2 = 4.

Reading –
We are having a big push on blending so please show your child how to blend words that they find tricky. This could be CVC words or 2 syllable words depending on what your child is working on. Read books or words every day to build this skill.

Don’t forget that your child can change their reading book as often as they need to

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