Waddington All Saints Y1/2

Year 2 Homework due in 11.5.18

on May 4, 2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you for sending in the baby photos as the children loved sharing them in class. For our next learning journey we are looking at landscapes in art and would like the children to share some of their own photos or images of places they have visited. This may be a photo of the seaside, a mountain, sunset or other landscape e.g:

 Please could they be handed in by Monday 14th May.

Next week in spelling we are focusing on plurals and words ending in -s and -es.

The spellings will be:

dresses, churches, boxes, pulleys, wheels


The maths homework will not be tested for the next two weeks. Please use this time to help your children be prepared for their arithmetic SATs tests, which will be taking place in the next couple of weeks.

They need to practice the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Please find examples below:

If you would like any advice on how else you can support your child for their SATs please contact their class teacher.

Kind Regards,

Year 2 Team

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